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Benjamin Ebert

 About Ben

Before he could walk, Ben would move his hands to the beat of the music that played in family’s home. He created his first drum at age 6, out of a plastic Legos toy box and a pair of Ticonderoga pencils, replicating the marching drums that inspired him from observing the Cal Marching Band during football and basketball games in Berkeley, CA. 


He began formally studying with percussionist and drum educator Rich Fongheiser just a year later at age 7.


In his middle school and high school years, Ben performed in numerous jazz groups, which included a performance at the renowned Monterey Jazz Festival with the group Airtime.

Ben was also the recipient of multiple awards from the International Association for Jazz Education (IAJE) as well as Downbeat Magazine for his work with the jazz group The Groove Merchants. Ben also had the honor of drumming with the Rossmoor Big Band, under the direction of the late Frank Como (music arranger for Lionel Hampton for 20 years) and was the point of inspiration for Como’s original score “Big Ben (The Timekeeper).”


In 2009, Ben formed the East Bay metalcore project, Dear Sincerely. The band recorded and performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area from 2009-2013, sharing the stage with notable acts such as Jamie’s Elsewhere and The Word Alive.


After moving to Los Angeles for college, Ben joined the USC Trojan Marching Band Drumline, performing on snare drum at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for USC football games. 

During his time with the USC Drumline, Ben performed with multiple acts including: 


Upon graduating college, Ben joined the alternative rock band Trapdoor Social, embarking on multiple national tours and recording a full-length album with the band. In the summer of 2019, Ben toured Europe with Trapdoor Social when the band opened up for the B-52’s.


Currently, Ben is based out of his home region in the East San Francisco Bay Area doing independent drum work and performing with the drum and percussion show Street Drum Corps.



SF Bay Area, California

Thank you for reaching out! Ben will be in touch with you soon.

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